A  R  T  I  S  T  S    B  I  O


Edd Cox, a northwest native and professional visual artist based in historic Pioneer Square on the waterfront in Seattle, holds a BFA degree from the University of Washington. The artist works in multiple mediums and styles with a forte in representational oil painting and drawing along with experimental work in mixed-media and digital 3D compositions.

The artists work has been exhibited in group and solo gallery exhibitions including museum exhibitions at the Henry Art Gallery, Frye Art Museum and Tacoma Art Museum.

Awards include The Ford Foundation and residency at The Centrum Foundation along with commissions from the Boeing Company, Helen Bush School, Bonneville Power Administration - Chief Joseph Dam, Northwest Kidney Center and World Rhythm Festival.

The artist is an initial founder of the 619 Western Arts Building from 1981 to 2011, renovating and managing the fifth floor south, a seven artist studios and exhibition space. From 2011 to 2014 the artist opened Edd Cox Fine Art, a gallery, educational space and studio, hosting events and exhibitions featuring northwest artists.

With profound practice in the fine arts the artist has always included experimentation incorporating non-traditional materials and style along with exploration of new technologies.

In 1984 the artist created paintings incorporating multiple oil painted canvases with glass mosaic discovering vintage landfill glass at the site of the present Harbor Steps and recovered architectural glass from construction sites. These fragments were combined with northwest produced art glass.

A 1987 sculpture commission for a steel sculpture 8 foot in height, engaged the artist in a simplified approach and style, guided by drawings from bound sketchbooks improvised into cardboard cut-out models for the final design.

Experimenting with digital art in 1996 led to the position of artist/developer with Onadime Software, a northwest team developing music visualization software from 1997 to 2002. The artists digital compositions were presented at the Museum of Modern Art, MTV, 25th Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Awards, California Music Awards, MacWorld New York and San Francisco and film director Albert Maysles’ studio.

The artist continues creating and educating from his studio and digital lab at the famous OK Hotel. The artists goals are engaged within craftsmanship, provocative subjects, mystery and oblique storytelling regarding the powerful and fragile beauty of nature, the human condition and the wisdom and wit of the creative spirit for the benefit of human culture and consciousness.

I was born January 1948 in Bremerton Washington. My father a sailor and my mother living with my grandmother in Port Orchard. I grew up in South Tacoma with a woods and lake linked by a broad field long before the freeway. I began my career at the age of seven, having drawn and painted from an early age. In eighth grade I had my first art instruction with the great artist and teacher Richard Rhea. We studied all the media from drawing to painting and ceramics. I could feel a talent and desire and was encouraged.

I started oil painting when I was fourteen. I also was adept at drafting. I took drafting classes in high school along with every art class available. I landed a job with Gordon and Cross, Electrical Engineering in 1965. I was seventeen, drafting up blueprints, working after school, weekends and summers. After more than two years in the office, I decided not to be an architect and devoted myself to fine arts, emphasizing Painting. I gained altitude at community colleges and a year at Western Washington State College where I had my first college level painting course.

In the summer of 1969 I was drafted as an Army illustrator and spent a year in Baltimore Maryland. I was twenty three and for the first time experienced world class Art in New York, Washington DC, Boston and Baltimore. The following year I was stationed in Saigon Vietnam. An exotic year of living off base at the foot of a dead end street in an apartment with a rooftop patio.

I returned to the northwest and to college and found a graduate student at the University of Puget Sound to teach me wheel throwing. I immersed myself in ceramics, sculpture and printmaking for a year. Thus I began throwing and teaching wheel ceramics, firing kilns and was introduced to raku, bronze casting, foundry work and embossed serigraphs. Here again with Richard Rhea and also study with Frank Dipolito in Printmaking. I was accepted to the Fine Arts program at the University of Washington in 1973 and completed my degree in 1977 with a major in painting and minor in ceramics.

After graduation I spent the later part of the year on a freighter in the Aleutian Islands. Returning from the Aleutians, I acquired my fist independent studio to begin a dedicated evolution towards practicing my skills.

I spent substantial time devoted to refining skills in painting, sculpture, printmaking and ceramics. I learned computer skills in the early years of digital development and was hired by the software creation company Onadime, as an artist developer in music visualization. This position took me to Manhattan and San Francisco each year for five years.

I have taught extensively in public school and museum Art programs guiding students in video animation, painting, drawing and ceramics.

Initially my core style of work was based on realism, working outdoors, from the model and from photographs. This style continues but I have also developed a style that draws from my imagination. I use simplified imagery that many have called Inca-Picasso. My creativity has emphasized experimentation and use of diverse and unique media. I have shown in many solo and group shows, principally in the west coast and have exhibited in several museums and have won multiple awards, grants and residencies. Many public and private collections have acquired outstanding examples of my artwork.

I work from a studio at 212 Alaskan Way South in the famous OK Hotel in historic Pioneer Square on the waterfront in Seattle.