A new Gallery and Art Studio opened in historic Pioneer Square in March of 2011. Edd Cox Fine Art was my relocation from the 619 Western Building where I had leased, constructed, managed the 7500 sq. ft. fifth floor south and worked from a creative studio for thirty years.

Edd Cox Fine Art opened at 313 First Avenue South in an amazing storefront space. Founded for the purpose of exhibitions, educational workshops and my personal studio space. It had outstanding possibilities.

During this time I launched another space two blocks south at 558 First Avenue South to provide studios and exhibition gallery space for creative artists. I was able to produce the plan drawings and then began permitted construction of GoldShoe Studios & Gallery. After a years effort, the large work load and financial constraints were more than I could maintain. I closed the project to refocus my energies at Edd Cox Fine Art.

I was determined to manifest my vision of a productive creative studio, an educational workshop space for teaching oil painting and ceramics and a commercial gallery exhibition space to promote my personal artworks and other Seattle and Northwest artists.

The realization that I am a studio artist, rather than a project and gallery manager, became the catalyst for my decision to close the doors and business at 313 First Avenue in February 2014. A difficult decision to make but a practical one. And very difficult to acknowledge that the envisioned potential was not unattainable.

The past three year journey has been a great experiential education and a resource that has illuminated my true capabilities and future potential.    

I have consolidated and reestablished my creative practice and returned to the creative studio. Edd Cox Fine Art has relocated one block north at the OK Hotel. A smaller more efficient studio space with one purpose. To be as creative as possible and build a new fire of the imagination.

My new contact information.   

212 Alaskan Way South 
Suite 511  -   Studio 115A 
Seattle Wa  98104-3488