T H E   O I L   P A I N T I N G   W O R K S H O P




6 Weeks - 2 Hour Class - Once a Week

Tuition $25 / HR

• Beginning and intermediate and Advanced levels.

• Choose the Morning, Afternoon or Evening time that fits your schedule.

The Oil Painters Workshop will take you to a higher level of confidence, creativity and skill.

The Oil Painting Workshop teaches the fundamentals of the classical realist technique. A foundation for any artist perusing any creative style.

Develop knowledge and confidence in using the best tools and materials, paint mixing, color theory and the steps that take the student from the initial sketch through each type of paint layering to the final highlights.

The Oil Painting Workshop is designed to give students the knowledge and confidence to become comfortable and creative in using the magnificent medium of Oil Paint with methods and materials used by the classical masters.

Painting demonstrations in each class give the student new and complete insights for using the basic primary color palette, subject development from thin wash underpainting to thick impasto, mixing accurate colors in the correct value and tones and how and when to use paint mediums and the fine art of glazing.

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Students need to bring only a notebook and an image to paint on the first class. Supplies and best places to purchase them will be covered in the first class. For the five following following weeks students need to purchase : Filbert Number 2, 4, 6 Brushes The Basic Palette of Oil Colors Permanent Red and Blue, Lemon Yellow and Titanium White and small 4x6" and/or 9x12" canvas boards.


Paint Brands
Brands-Daniel Smith - Windsor Newton - Utrecht - Rembrandt - Gamblin.

Basic Palette
Red - Permanent Red
Yellow - Lemon Yellow
Blue - Permanent Blue
White -  Mixed White

Additional Colors
Ochre - Yellow Ochre
Violet - Permanent Alizarin Crimson
Brown - Burnt Sienna

Brushes   Filbert /Bristle - No. 2, 4 ,6   Round /Bristle – No. 2 • Students receive a Free brush cleaning kit.

Palette   Paper Palette

Canvas   One or Two Canvas Panel or Stretched Canvas, sizes 12 x 16" to 16 x 20”.

Mediums & Solvent   Odorless Mineral spirits - Pint.

Easel   Portable table-top box easel - Optional.

Work Clothes & Clean-Up   Apron or old shirt / sweat shirt, rags or paper towels.

• Oil Painting Workshop - Beginning & Intermediate Level - Basic Itinerary

Session 1
Introduction to materials and Tools. Painting supports-canvas & grounds. Choosing a subject. Scale and grid to proportional size. Understanding values. Under-painting monochromatic block-in

Session 2
A look at composition and the properties of the picture plane. The simplified palette colors. Understanding color and color mixing. Color wash under-painting block-in.

Session 3
Understanding oils and their properties and use in oil painting. Introduction to oil mediums. Styles and application of oil paint. Thick paint block-in and blending.

Session 4
Experiments and development of oil mediums, their uses and application. Retouch varnish and oil-out application. Thick paint block-in and blending.

Session 5
Understanding glazing. Final over-painting and adjustments.

Session 6
Final glazing and highlight and adjustments. Signatures and understanding varnishing. Aspects of framing, documentation and inventory. Tips on pricing, marketing and promotion.

Most all topics as they are introduces are carried through to each of the following session lessons.

• Subject, Composition and Expression
• Bringing Sketch & Image to Canvas
• Under-painting
• Monochromatic block-in of Values
• Over-painting Initial Color
• limited Palette
• Oils and Mediums
• Color Theory and Mixing
• Over-Painting full Color and Impasto
• Simplified & Extended Color Palette
• Highlights and Glazing
• Varnishing, Conservation and Framing.

Each class has demonstrations of the above session topics. Students will be guided to develop confidence in knowledge in the use of materials and techniques, gaining through personal practice increasing confidence and skill towards the evolution of a personal style. The Workshop focuses on the classical methods of Oil Painting. These methods can be applied to any style, from Old Master Realism, Impressionism and Contemporary Expressionism. Students will have access to a Library of Art Books and On-line Sites for further knowledge of artists and art history.



What? Only 5 Stars....? Surely Edd qualifies for more. He is an exceptional teacher, mentor, and motivator. Having mastered many artistic disciplines including oil and watercolor painting, pottery/ceramics, tile, computer graphic arts, and more, he finds new and creative ways to guide young and old in their quest to express themselves. He's a good listener and quickly finds the connections to best facilitate the release of your creative potential. He has years of experience working with young scholars in the public school system and seems to have the knack to engage them in very positive transformative ways. I just can't recommend Edd highly enough.

Mark L.  October 24, 2014


I wanted to take the time to express my sincere appreciation for Mr Edd Cox and the wonderful experiences me and my children have experienced in his studios classes. He truly has an ability to stimulate the imagination through his unique style of guiding others through the creativity process. The pieces of work that my children and their friends have created in his studio have stood the test of time on our shelves not just because they are great pieces of art but because the story behind them is timeless.....the story behind them was the experience with Edd and good times in a completely free environment that allowed us to explore whats inside us all....creative beings.

Jason D.  October 21, 2014


I took a 6 week oil painting workshop from Edd and learned a great deal, it really advanced my painting to the next level, the workshop was fun, interesting, easy to understand and went at just the right pace, I learned so many things that I never could have figured out on my own. He is an amazing artist and I am thrilled to learn his techniques. I would highly recommend him to all.

Greg M.  October 21, 2014


I took a ceramics class with Edd Cox and had both an informative and super fun and challenging experience. Edd brings historical knowledge and technique into play. I was a beginner so I recommend this for beginners too! Edd however, is an extremely talented and educated artist. Advanced students can also learn a great deal! I am very grateful and pleased with my experience.

Dominique O.  October 20, 2014

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