A  R  T  I  S  T   S  T  A  T  E  M  E  N  T

I am an explorer. Art is my explorational environment, my explanation, emancipation, enclosure, fascination and transformation. Ever since I could control crayola and pencil, I have been practicing and traveling upon this creative journey.
I work in the mediums of painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, photography and digital technologies.

I create using two basic styles. I am like a musician whose repertoire is Classical and Jazz.

In the Classical mode, light is my subject. The energy that brings color and form into being, enabling brilliant highlights and deepest shadows. The realist paintings of studio interior, flowers and water reflections, take on the light in striking and subtle coloration, that I paint with expressively controlled traditional layering of paint. I choose these images for their unique persona that extend a bridge to the essence of nature. I approach these subjects objectively. These paintings are created by adding layers of paint beginning with a monochromatic under-painting overlaid with gradually thicker layers of oil paint and then finishing glazes of subtle transparent color and impasto highlights.

Paintings in this classical style have taken up an experimental approach using combinations of images, pattern and texture. Multiple canvases are arranged together and adjoining planes inlaid with glass and mixed media such as shell, tree branches and vintage pottery. The painting compositions are collage and mosaic like, simple and architectural. The images are obliquely unrelated but hinting at a common metaphor. The imbedded materials are dimensional with a variety of complex texture, translucency and reflectivity which interacts with the viewers movement.

In the Jazz mode, improvisation and sensuality is my subject. Line becomes form and shapes filled with vibrant colors creating a world of simplified figures, animals and plants in mutual harmony. The space has an altered quality of gravity and perspective, enhanced color and emotive surface with symbols of love, creativity and spirituality. The images originate from my imagination, recorded as drawings which I collect in bound sketchbooks. These drawings are enlarged and inscribed into a thick layer of paint creating a physically dimensional line forming simplified iconic shapes into which expressive color is added as emotional and intuitional response to the exotic subjects.

Working in two styles has created a balance for me. In the Classical style I can involve the intellect and admiration of the physical world. In the Jazz style I can involve the emotions and improvisation.